Vimeo IRL (In Real Life) is a series of clips that introduces various features of Vimeo, hosted by Daniel Hayek, with Karen Abad as the Director of Photography. Daniel employs a humorous and charming narrative style that often uses people or objects as various elements of Vimeo, such as videos, channels or users to illustrate his points (hence the title "IRL").

List of Vimeo IRL Edit

Episode Title Premiere
3 Forums July 29, 2009
Daniel introduces the viewers to the inner workings of Vimeo Forums, as represented by people in Grand Central Station. Concepts of such forum features as Help Centers, Projects, Wanted are obliquely mentioned. Some pointers of using the forums are also introduced.
2 Channels! June 16, 2009
Daniel introduces the viewers to the diversity of Vimeo channels, as demonstrated on New York streets - smoking channel, bicycle channel, tree channel, building channel ("tall ones, very small ones, medium ones, lazy buildings...") ...
1 Videos June 3, 2009
Daniel (wearing a snuggie) walks the viewers through what happens with videos submitted to Vimeo around Connected Ventures offices, mixing real stats with a humorous narration that anthromorphosizes videos ("... what do we do? We feed them. Mustards."). This is the only Vimeo IRL shot in black and white. Jeff Rubin guest-stars as a video ("Jeff the Video").