List of Prank War Episodes Edit

Episode Title Director Writer(s) Premiere
8 The Skydiving Prank Winter 2009
"Amir launches the first aerial attack in the war's four-year history."
7 The Half Million Dollar Shot March 4, 2009
"Amir makes a blindfolded half-court basketball shot for $500,000. Or so he thinks."
6 The Yankee Prankee September 10, 2007
"Amir ambushes Streeter and his girlfriend at a Yankee Game by having Streeter unknowingly propose to her via JumboTron."
5 Amir's Big Break (With Human Giant) May 14, 2007
"Streeter and Amir fly to LA where Streeter (with the help of Human Giant) trick Amir into thinking he's 1) going to be on TV and 2) that he's a terrible actor."
4 Streeter Bombs April 24, 2007
"Amir convinces the entire crowd at a comedy show not to laugh at any of Streeter's jokes."
3 Amir's Audition April 15, 2007
"Streeter enlists the help of Amir's friend to trick him into making an audition tape for a show that doesn't exist."
2 Streeter's Big Date March 15, 2007
"Amir tricks Streeter into meeting an imaginary fan for a lunch date."
1 Audio Prank February 15, 2007
"In the initial offense, Streeter tricks Amir into listening to some disturbing music."

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