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The Nerd Alert title card.

Nerd Alert was a weeky original series hosted by Jeff Rubin where various guests would discuss topics relevent to nerd culture. The first episode, "iPad 2", debuted March 4, 2011 and it's last episode before it's hiatus, "Westling is Real", debuted July 22, 2011, making it the shortest running series on CollegeHumor ever.

Jeff Rubin commented on the Nerd Alert Facebook page, "Nerd Alert may yet return in a different format, as a series of specials", indicating the possible return.

List of HostsEdit

  • Jeff Rubin - Hosted every episode in the series
  • Patrick Cassels - "iPad 2", "Sucker Punch", "The Governator", "Is Wii Dead?", "Lost Returns", "New Worst Superhero Movie", "Boba Fett is Overrated"
  • Brian "Murph" Murphy - "iPad 2", "Pokemon Black/White", "The Governator", "Boba Fett is Overrated", "Wrestling is Real"
  • Matt McCarthy - "Sucker Punch"
  • Jon Gabrus - "3DS", "Why Portal 2 Sucks"
  • Stephen Totilo - "3DS", "Enabling Disabled Gamers"
  • Justin Tyler - "Is Wii Dead?"
  • Casey Johnston - "Why Portal 2 Sucks", "Why Wii U?"
  • Alex Zalben - "Thor - Best Superhero Movie Ever?"
  • Streeter Seidell - "Thor - Best Superhero Movie Ever?"
  • Darren Franich - "Lost Returns"
  • Caldwell Tanner - "The Future is L.A. Noire"
  • Owen Parsons - "The Future is L.A. Noire", "Why Wii U?"
  • Adam Frucci - "Enabling Disabled Gamers"
  • Dan Hopper - "New Worst Superhero Movie"
  • mc chris - "Boba Fett is Overrated"
  • Sean Hart - "Wrestling is Real"