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Episode Title Director Writer(s) Premiere
Phone Sex Pranks: Early 90's Slang May 6, 2009
Gil Ozeri calls up a phone sex line and pretend to get off on early 90's slangs. Surprisingly, the phone sex worker performs admirably, dropping such early 90's slangs as "talk to the hand" and "you are all that and a bag of chips". The recorded conversation is coordinated with animation by Dan Meth.

Phone sex prank is a part of Gil Ozeri's routine - see his other pranks, in which he pretend to be into bad stand-up comedians and Clippy from MS Office

Font Fight Josh Ruben Dan Gurewitch May 5, 2009
Billed as a direct sequel to Font Conference, though none of the actors reprise their roles (except for Jake, whose last-minute appearance of Comic Sans (superman-like) mirrors that of Font Conference). Helvetica (a rather normally dressed Sarah Schneider) and her gang of fonts are lured to an audition in a warehouse by Arial (also Sarah, in a flashy outfit and bitchy attitude) and her gang, and fight ensues between two gangs with some old grudges.

Sarah Schneider stars as Helvetica/Arial. Helvetica's gang includes American Typewriter, (Patrick as a fast-talking 1950s' American reporter), Poor Richard (Jeff as a mute, clown hobo), Princeton (Ben Joseph as a stereotypical preppy boy ("Please. Do you know who my father is?")), Stencil, Braggadocio, Jazz Let, and Playbill. Arial's gang includes Creepy (Dan as a creepy person), Herculanum (Luke Scholl as a Hercules-like character), Papyrus, Magneto, Party Let, Tahoma and Vivaldi. Jake appears at the last minute as the super-hero Comic Sans, who gets grossed out by the carnage.

Oddly, the podcast version of Font Fight is different from the one on the site: the podcast version contains lengthier fight scenes, in which Playbill and Vivaldi fall in love and abandon the battle, and Creepy scores one kill.

Remix: Babe 3: Swine Flu May 1, 2009
Real Life Twitter Dan Gurewitch April 29, 2009
Four days into twittering, Dan goes out on the street to vocalize the thought-process of a person with a Twitter. Read his tumblrlog on the experience.
The Dark Knight: 1960s Version Josh Ruben Ben Joseph, Dan Gurewitch April 27, 2009
The Psychotic Earth Day Spokesman Josh Ruben Amir Blumenfeld April 22, 2009
Matt Moore from Dutch West stars as the psychotic and fanatical spokesman for Ecology First, who tries to drive his points through most contrived and immoral ways.
Legalize Shrooms Josh Ruben Sam Reich April 20, 2009
We Didn't Start the Flame War Ben Joseph, Josh Ruben Streeter Seidell April 14, 2009
Animation by Mike Ritche. Annamarie Tendler, girlfriend of Ricky appears as the Busted Tees ad.
Learning Guitar to Get Laid Josh Ruben Amir Blumenfeld, Jake Hurwitz April 13, 2009
Stars Jake and Amir.
The Dark Knight Meets Superman Part 2 Ben Joseph, Kevin Corrigan April 8, 2009
"The Justice League and a completely ordinary human save the city." Animation by Mike Parker.

This clip was featured on Entertainment Weekly.

America’s Saddest Home Videos Josh Ruben Amir Blumenfeld, Dan Gurewitch April 7, 2009
Jake, Christian Ericksen (presumably as Vernon, the manager of taco truck from Rival Site), David Futernick, and Adam Newman guest-star.
Jason Statham in Diabetes Josh Ruben Amir Blumenfeld, Patrick Cassels[1] April 7, 2009
Josh Ruben guest-stars as the candy salesman.
Hardly Working: The Cartoon Dan Gurewitch, Jeff Rubin April 3, 2009
Animation by Dan Meth
First Mike Parker April 1, 2009
Animation by Mike Parker
What Will Kevin Do For Ricky's Money:
Special YES Edition
March 31, 2009
Deleted "Twilight" Sex Scene Josh Ruben Dan Gurewitch, Patrick Cassels March 30, 2009
Nick's Commercials: Zune Warehouse Sam Reich Dan Gurewitch, Sam Reich March 24, 2009
Fourth installment of Nick's Commercials.
Nicholas Sparks' "The Handjob" Josh Ruben Patrick Cassels, Dan Gurewitch[2] March 23, 2009
Ariana Madix stars. Josh guest-stars.
Mix Up at the Snack Factory Oren Brimer Patrick Cassels, Kevin Corrigan, Jeff Rubin March 17, 2009
A grandfather (played by Ashton Crosby) tells his grandson how the Cheezo's got so cheesy in a flashback. Basically "too much cheez" was put into the snacks by mistake, creating a cheesy flavour that everyone liked, but the cheez stock exploded ("cheezus christ!") and the workers drowned in cheese (you can see Kevin slipping and Adam (hilariously) drowning in cheese). The grandfather is the only one who makes it out alive and the episode closes with the shot of now traumatized grandson.

Sam guest-stars as Mr. Cheezo (voice).

National Fart Hearings Josh Ruben Patrick Cassels March 16, 2009
Condomned: Part 3 Mike Parker March 12, 2009
Animation by Mike Parker and Chase Suddarth.
Your Printer is a Brat Streeter Seidell March 11, 2009
Animation by Mike Parker.
Inappropriate DirectHD Commercials Josh Ruben Dan Gurewitch March 10, 2009
Why Terminators Transport Naked Josh Ruben Josh Ruben, Patrick Cassels, Amir Blumenfeld March 9, 2009
Sam and Josh guest-star as the pissed-off general and the reporter, respectively. Luke Scholl guest-stars as T-500.
Mash-Up Television Josh Ruben Patrick Cassels March 2, 2009
Introducing Mash-up TV ("Two at a time!"), with such shows as WER (Wresting + ER), Gossip Golden Girls, Inside the NBActors Studio, Doogie House, MD, Deadliest Catch a Predator, King of the Hills

Adam, Josh, and Matt Moore guest-star as perverts in Deadliest Catch a Predator segment.

Condomned: Part 2 Mike Parker March 1, 2009
Animation by Mike Parker, Chase Suddarth
Fat Girls Talking Like Skinny Girls Talking Like Fat Girls Josh Ruben February 25, 2009
Kevin Tries To Eat The Entire Vending Machine February 24, 2009
POV: Hot Girl Josh Ruben Amir Blumenfeld, Dan Gurewitch, Ben Joseph February 23, 2009
Shot from Lexi Myers's perspective, a voice-over describing what goes inside a hot girl's mind as she walks through a bar where she meets Vincent, an old "friend" of hers, Kevin and Josh.
Super Intense ER Promo Matt Pollock Dan Gurewitch February 18, 2009
Extreme Makeover: Facebook Edition Josh Ruben Amir Blumenfeld, Jake Hurwitz February 17, 2009

2008 Edit

Episode Title Director Writer(s) Premiere
Pot Cookie Monster Ben Joseph Jeff Rubin November 18, 2008
CSI: TMZ Travis Satten Dan Gurewitch October 8, 2008
Adam Newman guest-stars as the corpse.
All R.A. Floor Sam Reich Amir Blumenfeld October 7, 2008
Sam, Streeter, Sarah, Josh Ruben, Adam Newman, and Ben Joseph guest-star.
Font Conference Sam Reich Dan Gurewitch September 1, 2008
Honest College Ad Sam Reich Kevin Corrigan, Jeff Rosenberg August 26, 2008
Introduces Quendelton State University, 'adequate' in every sense.

Kumail Nanjiani, Adam Newman and Sam Reich appear. Quendelton appears frequently in other CH Originals, such as All R.A. Floor. This clip also appeared in Hot Girl

POV: Dorm Bathroom Sam Reich Amir Blumenfeld, Dan Gurewitch August 20, 2008
Adam Newman and Ben Joseph guest-star.
Awkward Rap Sam Reich, Vincent Peone Dan Gurewitch August 11, 2008
"A hip-hop tribute to life's most uncomfortable moments."

Sam, Dan, Amir stars. Sarah, Kevin, Jake, Jeff and Adam Newman guest-star. Music produced by The Elegant Too. Shortened version of the clip appears on Hot Girl.

CH Original: Extreme Wine Commercial Sam Reich Streeter Seidell June 3, 2008
Ariana Madix, Streeter, Adam Newman and Jordan Hall appears.
Board Game Murder Mystery Sam Reich Kevin Corrigan May 22, 2008
Stars Sam as the police chief, Patrick as the butler, and Adam and David Futernick as the Parker Brothers.
POV: Guy Stuck in Class Sam Reich Amir Blumenfeld, Dan Gurewitch April 30, 2008
Adam Newman ("you're a nutsack!") guest-stars. Edited version of this clip appears in Hot Girl.
Where The Hell is Matt's Girlfriend? Sam Reich Jake Hurwitz, Sam Reich April 22, 2008
Stars Jordan Hall as eponymous Matt, and Elaine Carroll as the girlfriend.

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