Jake Hurwitz

Jacob "Jake" Penn Cooper Hurwitz, born in Spring Glen, Connecticut to parents Laura and Samuel Hurwitz on August 5, 1985. He attended Hunter College and now currently resides in New York city. He also flunked out of a college in Pennsylvania and dropped out of a college in Connecticut. Oddly enough, Jeff Rosenberg, aka Rosie, was his close friend in high school and now they work together at College Humor.

Jake is also the co-creater and co-star of popular CollegeHumor web series "Jake and Amir", alongside Amir Blumenfeld. Hurwitz and Blumenfeld are the hosts of their own comical advice podcast, called "If I Were You". He has also starred in many episodes of the "Hardly Working" web series, also hosted by CollegeHumor.

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