Season 1, Episode 2
Air date February 15, 2009
Written by Amir Blumenfeld
Patrick Cassels
Directed by Sam Reich
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Plot Summary Edit

Ricky takes a personal day to bodysurf with a Jonas cousin ("they are practically brothers!") and dumps all his work on Streeter, who also gets a permission to hire a girl intern. Streeter hires a hot girl as his intern, causing all male staffs of CollegeHumor to follow suit, except Amir, who hires a male intern. Sarah is the only one disenchanted by the interns, increasingly so with underhanded insults from male staffs ("finally get to work with hot girls!").

Sarah is also the first to notice that the workload of staffs to please their interns and the interns are multiplying rapidly, soon filling the entire office. Others eventually come to the same conclusion, but all are helpless in getting rid of the interns, until Sam uses Dan's natural flair of driving away hot girls. Just when all the interns are driven out, Ricky comes back from the beach with a pair of hot girls who want internships.[1]

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