Hot Girl
Season 1, Episode 5
Hot Girl
Air date March 8, 2009
Written by Jake Hurwitz
Sam Reich
Streeter Seidell
Directed by Sam Reich
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Sarah's New Boyfriend

This episode was the pilot used to sell the show to MTV, attributing to the differences in narrative style in this episode compared to others.[1]

Plot Summary Edit

After bragging about his weekend spent with Mario Lopez to an utterly unimpressed Sam, Ricky informs that a cute girl from accounting will come to the office today. Despite Ricky's warning, Sam spills this to the guys during the somewhat unproductive meeting for new video ideas, leading the boys to frenzy ("Hot girl! Hot girl! Hot girl!"). Jessica, the hot girl from the accounting (played by Rachel Specter)[2], arrives in a wheelchair, and the boys unsuccessfully try to impress her, each unable to avoid references to the wheelchair ("Awesome! I rollerblade."). Entranced by the hot girl, Sam and Dan start to regret their respective relationships ("Now I think my girlfriend looks like a fatter Benicio del Toro."), and help break up with each other's devastated girlfriend, only to start making out with them.

Meanwhile, Sarah struggles to figure out what goes through the guys' head to write the video about a guy looking at a girl's boobs, resulting in POV: Guy Stuck in Class video. Sam and Dan go on a double-date with their new girlfriends, to everyone's awkwardness. Eventually, both Sam and Dan gives into their residual feelings for their old girlfriends, but Dan backs off, only to fly into a rage when he sees Sam and Sam's old girlfriend making out. Amir and Patrick decide to compete for the hot girl's affection ("See you at the finish ramp."). Patrick sees Amir being chastised for showing up in a wheelchair by the hot girl, he decides to injure his legs to legitimately be in a wheelchair, only to see Jessica kissing another girl at the end of the day. The episode closes with Sam and Dan double-dating with their old girlfriends, everyone being as awkward as ever.[3]

Guest Appearances Edit

Elaine Carroll, the real-life girlfriend of Sam Reich, appears as Samantha, the fictional girlfriend of Sam[4].

This episode marks the first appearance of Overgrown Guy Girlfriend, played by Streeter Seidell.

CH Originals Edit

The following CH Originals clips were used:

The plot also includes elements from Dodgeball (completely reshot)

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