CollegeHumor Music is a term applied for all CH Originals episodes that either feature original or parody of well-known songs, providing both audio and visual gags.

CollegeHumor Music episodes are consistently well-liked: only 3 out of 12 music episodes were liked by less than 1000 people. Also, 3 of 10 most liked CH Originals episodes are music episodes, with Brohemian Rhapsody at 8925 likes (the runner-ups, Internet Commenter Business Meeting and We Didn't Start the Flame War, are nowhere close to that figure at 6381 and 6257 likes, respectively)

List of CollegeHumor Music episodes Edit

2009 Edit

Episode Title Director Writer(s) Premiere
12 Don't Stop Your Screaming May 6, 2009
11 25 Random Things (Miley Cyrus Parody) Sam Reich Streeter Seidell May 4, 2009
10 In An Apatow World Josh Ruben Sarah Schneider, Streeter Seidell April 28, 2009
9 We Didn't Start the Flame War Josh Ruben, Ben Joseph Streeter Seidell April 14, 2009
8 The One Kind of Porn You Can't Find Online Josh Ruben Dan Gurewitch, Streeter Seidell February 19, 2009
7 If I Were a Bro Josh Ruben Streeter Seidell, Sarah Schneider February 10, 2009
6 Barenaked Ladies "One Week" Parody Josh Ruben Streeter Seidell January 12, 2009

2008 Edit

Episode Title Director Writer(s) Premiere
5 Stop Carlos Mencia: A Rock Ballad Sam Reich Dan Gurewitch December 4, 2008
4 Brohemian Rhapsody Sam Reich Sarah Schneider, Jake Hurwitz August 27, 2008
3 Awkward Rap Sam Reich, Vincent Peone Dan Gurewitch August 11, 2008
2 FUPA Music Video Rob Cohen Brett Gelman, Jon Daly July 17, 2008
1 Taft! Alex Zalben Elephant Larry February 16, 2008

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