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Bleep Bloop was a weekly review of gaming genre, franchise and culture on CollegeHumor, hosted by Jeff Rubin. Originally started as an unorganized series of one-on-one interviews discussing games and gaming culture, this feature developed into CH Video Games Weekly on December 7th, 2007 (later renamed to CH Videogames Weekly following a public announcement). CH Videogames Weekly ran on a monthly basis from May 19th to September 3rd, 2008. Bleep Bloop debuted on October 14th, 2008, featuring new introduction sequence and in a structured talk-show format. The name Bleep Bloop is widely believed to have been copied and pasted from the Roosterteeth PSA.

The last episode of Bleep Bloop, "Zoo Keeper", debuted on February 16, 2011 after 80 episodes. It was later replaced by Nerd Alert , also hosted by Rubin and Cassels.

A typical Bleep Bloop episode was hosted by Jeff Rubin and three co-hosts, with at least one guest co-host from outside CollegeHumor. Patrick was the most frequent Bleep Bloop cohost.

There were recurring themes in Bleep Bloop, such as the status of girls in gaming industry and culture as gamers and consumers, and the differences present among gaming consoles.

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