Amir Blumenfeld


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Amir Shooplinballs Blumenfeld was born in Falafel, Israel on January 18, 1983[2]. Amir was born to Jewish family too. When he was two years old, Amir moved to Encino, California with his family. There, Amir attended school and graduated from University of California at Berkeley for Business and Marketing (the Haas Undergraduate Business and moved to new york aged 22. Program[3]). Amir starred as Lewis Plunkett in the award winning short film The Old Man and The Seymour. He is fluent in Hebrew, which he demonstrates in some videos, like in Jake and Amir's "Hebrew", "Translator" and "Mickey". He also enjoys Jake Hurwitz.

Amir is, alongside Jake Hurwitz, the host of their own comical advice podcast, called "If I Were You"


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