Adam Newman
Adam Newman
Adam (right) with Pot Cookie Monster


Actor, Writer
Production Coordinator

Adam Newman was born on December 25, 1982 in Concord, New Hampshire[1].

Adam appears in many CH Originals and Hardly Working.

Adam appears in all of The CollegeHumor Show except for Armageddon. He appears as himself as Adam in Honest College Ad (edited version shows up in Rival), as one of the internship candidates for Amir in Interns, as Ogre, one of Streeter's goth entourage in Sarah's New Boyfriend, and as Dylan ("you're a nutsack!") in POV: Guy Stuck in Class[2]. He appears as himself in Sarah's Birthday, where he whispers that he likes the 'birthday song' to Kevin (this clip appears in The Morning After).

Adam also portrays Ricky in the title sequence of The CollegeHumor Show.

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Adam appears as Joey Nice, one-half of the Nice Brothers ("Nice!") sketch comedy on Channel 101: NY.

Adam's guest appearance on The Tyra Banks Show segment Stuck in a Single Rut can be seen on YouTube.

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